Moving forward

Starting on December 18, 2010, I embarked on a photography journey.  I committed to taking a photo everyday for a year.  I took a photo, processed, and posted it at  My year, was an amazing and personal journey.  I learned so much about photography, but I also learned that through my lens, I was freezing life’s small moments.  The little things from each day that I don’t ever want to forget.  I made a book for my kids from that year, and I hope they treasure it as they grow.

I tried to do a year 2. is an amazing online photography community, full of generous and talented people from around the world.  However, since it is a community, it takes time and dedication.  People will look and comment on your work, but in return, you do the same for them.  After a year on the site, I gained quite a following.  It was exciting and thrilling, plus very rewarding.  However, giving back to these strangers was taking too long, and I am not a person who can take, without giving back.  I love looking at their photos, but I cannot keep up.  I will continue to check in from time to time, and be a smaller member of the community, but my daily involvement, at this time, has come to an end.

Where does that leave me today?  The thing I loved the most about this project was finding the moment in each day I didn’t want to forget.  It wasn’t just the image that was frozen, but the story attached to it.  After a few days of thinking about it, I have decided that I need a place to share my photos, but also write my family’s stories.  So here we are: My first blog post.  Maybe someone will read it, maybe they won’t.  My goal is to write and post most days, using this as a method of sharing our lives with the world.

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