When the Real Smile Fades Away

My babies would just smile for the camera.  They loved it.  The second I took it out, they knew to strike a pose, or at least to give me their biggest smile.  At some point, the real smile fades away and out comes a forced one.  Today, I noticed that Ana’s smile is no longer natural, unless I make her laugh. Instead, it has been replaced by either a stiff smile, or silly faces.  On the other hand, my boy is now old enough, that he can just smile.  When one phase is over, a new one begins.  May my kids find a reason to smile and laugh everyday.

It's also good to take a moment in reflection too.

One thought on “When the Real Smile Fades Away

  1. so true. That’s whey I never ask mine to smile, I try to get candids of her or totally theatrical ones in the studio.. In between doesn’t work 🙂 Beautiful photos Courtney! She is adorable

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