Lessons on Life

WOW!  This is a wicked busy week for us.  I feel like we have been running here and there, and the CRAZINESS hasn’t even started yet.  It also seems like the female members of the house are hopefully learning some lessons.  I continue to grow my patience, especially as I wait to hear the phone ring for an interview.  It hasn’t rung yet, but other opportunities might be falling in my lap…. Time will tell and I will continue to at least pray for patience.  One thing is certain, the longer one waits, the easier it gets to wait.  I have also been focusing on learning about lighting and post processing.  Free Webinars have been fun, but I feel like I have been spending more time on the computer and less time shooting.  Oh well, I hope to change that.

Miss Ana, on the other hand, has a more important lesson to learn. The girl does not listen!  It is frustrating at times, and I am learning to let go of things I cannot change.  The past two days have resulted in some awesome natural consequences , but yet she still does not seem to get it.  She lost a beloved stuffed animal, that she MIGHT get back in December.  After the tears dried up, she continues to dance her own dance and sing her own songs.  This afternoon, she fell and got scraped up a bit.  Once again, the tears are dry and it appears no lesson is learned.

It is super hard to watch your child learn lessons the hard way.  I cringe at how big the listening lesson is going to be before she gets it.  I pray for her…


One thought on “Lessons on Life

  1. Beautiful real life post Courtney! Parenting is one of the most difficult, least recognized jobs in the world!! Sending you strength from here 🙂 Great that you are doing some processing web seminars too, those will come in handy down the road. Beautiful photo!

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