Saying Yes


Ten years ago today, I said, “Yes,” to our version of happily ever after when I accepted Scott’s proposal.  When I agreed to marry Scott, neither one of us had ANY idea what we were agreeing to do.  We knew we wanted kids, degrees, careers, a house, vacations, and all that, but we didn’t know about the bumps along the way.  Everyone knows that life has ups and downs, but we don’t realize how HARD those ups and downs can actually feel.  Marriage is truly picking that ONE person who will share with you the joys and sorrows of life.  It is taking that person by the hand and staying together despite the bad.

While Scott and I have had a share of ups and downs the past 10 years of marriage, for us, staying together is the easy part.  We are lucky that way.  On the other hand, I think we have had to deal with some icky things in life BECAUSE we are such a strong unit together.  After all of these years together, his smile can quicken my heart, and I miss him when we are not together.  We don’t know where we physically are supposed to live, as we never feel like we fit in anywhere.  On the other hand, we are each other’s home and that is truly all we need.

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