Breathe, Calm, Breathe

“It’s Ok, breathe, calm, breathe, don’t let it get to you” are the words that repeated in my head over and over today.  The kids are excited because we get to go to a hotel tonight.  In between waking up, extra early, and getting to the hotel is Daddy’s VERY LONG work day.  Welcome to our Saturday.  I try, I mean TRY not to let my kids push my buttons.  They know what gets to me and how to work it.  How strong can a person really be?  I admit, today is a big time struggle to stay calm and happy.

In the classroom, staying calm, happy and in charge is super easy.  I have always been the teacher that gets the kids that are known for challenging authority.  A few weeks in my classroom, the kids are happy, learning, and not testing me as their teacher.  I show them structure, routine, and a gentle, yet stern understanding.  So my question to myself everyday, as a mother, is why do I have less patience for the kids that answered my prayers, whom I love to the moon and back?   Gosh, the answer is simple, my kids are MY investment.  I have been with them for years and will continue to watch them grow and develop.  Now, as they are getting older, I have to remind myself that while my kids are my INVESTMENT they are not ME.  They are their OWN people, with their OWN thoughts on life.  The best thing I can do is lead by example.  So when my buttons are pushed, I will continue to say, “Breathe, Calm, Breathe.”  Hopefully, it will teach my kids how to find a happy place in their heads when put in frustrating situations with people who might frustrate them.

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