Happy Birthday to my Boy

March 31, 2012

7 years have passed.  I cannot believe it!  The feeling that I cannot wrap my head around is that my pregnancy with him felt so long, and the past 7 years passed in a flash.  Seriously, where did the time go?  Mothering McCartney has not been an easy road.  All mothers have their stories, some are bumpier than others.  The biggest lesson he has taught me is RELEASE.  I can show, practice, and help my children be good people, but ultimately, they are in control of their emotions, life, and overall happiness.  I cannot make my children happy, they have to learn to embrace the blessings and happiness around them.  Since I cannot MAKE my children see the world my way, I have learned to live in the world the best I know how.  SHOWING them my happiness, the blessings that I see, SHOWING them that this one life is worth living to our very best.  As a mom, I have made so many mistakes, but I have also had many successes too.  I learned early on how to fight for my child and now I am learning about letting go and praying that he will embrace the happiness around him.

At 7 years old, McCartney has dreams.  He is going to be a professional baseball player.  He watches games, collects baseball statistics, commits them to memory and uses them for later conversation.  He has asked us to sign him up for multiple baseball leagues so he can practice his game all summer.  At 7 years old, baseball has become his job more than school.  (School is simple for him, but baseball is work.)  A game is like a day at the office and this kind of work makes him happier than anything I have seen.  Scott and I are committed to helping his dream come true, but making him do the work to get there.  I believe in my heart that this young man will live his dreams.

I cannot, nor will I, put in words everything I have learned from McCartney the past 7 years.  All I can say is that I look forward to the lessons I have yet to learn as a mother.  I just pray that the tough ones don’t hurt too much.

Happy birthday to my baby boy.  He is one of the best successes of my life.


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