The Darkness Before the Light

April 5 & 6, 2012


I LOVE Easter.  It is my favorite holiday and has been for many years.  I love the brightness, the happiness, and the promise of a new life in light.  Easter is the best!

As I grow older, I have also grown to enjoy and appreciate the darkness before Easter.  The Lenten time and finally, Holy Week.  Once the alter is stripped on Maundy Thursday, until the bright early Easter morning happiness, I reflect.  I reflect upon my faith, my life, my blessings.  During this time, I am often brought to tears, so grateful for Jesus’ sacrifice for humankind.

I live life according to my faith in God and as a Christian.  My faith has guided me to Scott, Maine, and back home. Scott and I try to live our lives according to our blind faith, in hopes our kids will do the same.  They do.  Our kids are so spiritual, that they inspire us to live even more faithfully.  It is such a weird circle and hard to explain, unless you know our kids. They have always been this way, even when we didn’t go to church often.

Anyway, I digress, sorry.  This Good Friday, I have been wondering: Would I REALLY stand up for Christ if it meant I would die?  Would I do it if my kids would die because of my faith?  What if, it meant “making waves”, would I still proclaim my faith?  

Now, I am not a person who “what ifs” to death, so I will end my questions here.  Although I hope to never be held at gunpoint, I don’t want my faith to be easy or fickle.  I want it to be as strong as I think it is in my easy life.  At the end of the day, I want to believe that I would die for Jesus.  After all, he did the same for me.


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