Angry with God


It’s Thursday in April, which means very little to you unless you live in our town and have a child in the Y’s spring baseball program.  It also means that although March was absolutely beautiful, every Thursday is raining, so our baseball games are cancelled.  Today is no exception.  Each week, our forecasts are surrounded by beautiful sunny days, with a storm cloud covering Thursday.  This is our second year in a row like this and it is the reality.  Us grown-ups know it’s just how it works out. But my son, the conspiracy theorist, has come to the conclusion that God hates baseball.

On the way home from school, as he was crying and yelling, I pointed out that being angry at me wasn’t going to change the cancelled game, he said, “I am NOT angry at YOU. I am ANGRY at GOD. He HATES baseball and MAKES it rain.”

Hmmmmmmm….. How does one respond to that?  My first instinct is to say, “You shouldn’t be angry at God, it’s just a baseball game.”  I did NOT say that because his feelings are real.  Baseball is SUPER serious to him and his WORLD. I will not downplay his emotions no matter what I think.  On the other hand, I do not want him angry with God.  God has been good to our family and to him and it seems ungrateful to be upset over a few rain outs. Plus, I am sure this rain is a blessing to many.  I tried to plant that seed last night, but he had forgotten that conversation in today’s disappointment.  Instead, I brought him home, gave him space, encouraged him to calm down in an appropriate manner.  He eventually moved on to his homework and is now enjoying his DS time.

I am sure we will discuss his disappointment tonight and then I will bring up the possibility of a reschedule, and the positives of this rain.  It will also be a great time to talk about forgiveness. Let’s put those Easter lessons into action.  After all, we have PLENTY of games to go this year.  Oh yeah, I have a feeling if he can be calm, it might be a good night to check out the newly reopened Zesto’s (seasonal ice cream shop).  We have a couple of free hours.


3 thoughts on “Angry with God

  1. beautifully said courtney…sometimes it is best to just sit back and let our kids in their own way work it out. I think our instinct is to jump in and “fix” the often unfixable:) You seemed to have handled it well. love the blog!!

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