Confessing my Sins

Most of the time, I am an engaged mom.  I try to give my kids experiences, plus I give them time to just be.  I try to leave the electronics off, but give my kids opportunities to decide for themselves.  All in all, we are trying to teach our kids boundries, limits, decision-making and MODERATION.  We take our kids on vacations, travel to new states, take them to sporting events, etc.

So why WHY WHY is it that our son writes stories about playing the Wii ALL day?  He has done that once, on his BIRTHDAY.  How many times have we taken him to the book store or to Scheel’s to ride the ferris wheel and he tells others about the time my husband took him the store where he bought beer and a lottery ticket?  Yeah, makes us look good.

Sunday was no exception.  Friday, I was a photographer’s assistant at a wedding.  We worked hard all day.  I got home at 1am, fell asleep at 1:30 and was woken up by Ana at 3am.  Poor Ana had a fever and was pretty much awake the rest of the night with a fever.  When she was sleeping, she was in our bed, coughing all over me.  Needless to say, Saturday, while my husband as at work, I was not winning any mother awards.  I let the kids veg out in front of the computer and tv all day.  

One day, out of many, big deal, or so I thought.  Sunday comes, and the first thing McCartney tells the first non-family member he sees, “We watched TV and played computer ALL DAY on Saturday.  Mom spent the DAY in bed.”  Oh, if only that was the whole story… Wasn’t it just a week ago he said, “You just want us to exercise ALL day! That’s no fun!”  Like he’d tell ANYONE that story.

Oh, children, gotta love ’em.  I can’t wait to hear the stories they tell their own kids about me, I have a few about them to share too!





4 thoughts on “Confessing my Sins

  1. LOL…so funny and so true! It is just like when we take the kids to the pediatrician he asks them what is there favorite food. Every year, they say something like, cake (that we have on brithdays) or french fries (something we never have). Why can’t they say greek yogurt or carrots, something they love to eat every day? I would have died when he said you were in bed all day! You got to love em every second of every day, even when they make you want to crawl behind a giant rock to hide! 🙂

  2. LOL…so true and so funny! Just like at the Dr. when the Dr. asks my kids, “what is your favorite food?” they tent to say cake (that we have only on birthdays) or mcdonalds, again that we have a few times a year. Why can’t they say carrots, something they eat every day? That is funny that he said you stayed in bed all day…I would have so died in that very moment. 🙂 Gotta love them every second of every day, even in the second they make you want to hide behind a rock. 🙂

  3. Oh Courtney!!! Haha. Kids and their stories. I et one day he will be sharing amazing stories about you and you will think of this and laugh like crazy 🙂

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