Happy Birthday to my Baby Girl

May 4, 2012


5 years ago God gave our family a gift. He gave Scott and I a laid back calm day, to welcome our baby girl into the world.  There were no tears, no pain, no drama, and lots of jokes and laughs.  Yes, that is a real account of the day Anastasia entered the world.  Ever since that moment, she has brought lots of joy, laughter, jokes, and very LITTLE SLEEP; she’s not perfect.

She loves animals, reading, books, and art.  She thinks she’s pretty funny, and I so do her classmates.  I hope someday she learns more about comedic timing, but I am sure a few hard classroom lessons will whip her into shape someday.  In the meantime, I am grateful for patient teachers who seem to enjoy her generosity and can look past her goofiness.

There are so many gifts that Ana has brought to our family.  She has given our son a sister.  He has learned so much about imagination from her and has been able to share his wisdom with her.  She entered our lives when Scott and I needed to know that we knew how to parent.  (She has taught us that we do).

Honestly, the biggest gift Ana has given me as mother is the gift of loving me as I am.  While my son expects nothing LESS than my best, or better, Ana doesn’t care if I am a great mom or a bad mom.  All I have to be is Mom.  The fact that I am hers is enough.  Somedays, that is the biggest gift a child can give and I pray that she knows I don’t expect anything more from her either.  Being Ana is all I ever want from her too.

Happy birthday, Baby Girl.  May the years slow down, they are moving way too fast.

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