My wishes

I wish I could be more like my kids.  

I wish I could just say whatever I wanted like my son can.  He has a thought, he’s going to tell you.  He has an honesty that can be hurtful, yet useful.  Sometimes, I wish I could more like that.  I wish I could tell people when they hurt my feelings or when I need support.  I wish my filter wasn’t so thick.  I wish I could cry in front of others when I am sad.  Social skills are wonderful things, but sometimes I wish mine didn’t come at my own expense.  I wish I could be more like McCartney.


I wish I could follow my dreams without a second thought.  I wish grown up thoughts of the future wouldn’t get me down or discourage me. I wish I could ignore the voices that tell me I can’t and only hear those that tell me I can.  Most of all I wish I could make it rain on a sunny day, just because it sounds like fun.  I wish I could be more like Ana.


I have decided that when I grow up all I really want to be is more like McCartney and Ana, so that is what I am going to be.  


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