Roll in A Day

Man, my mind is so full of so many things I want to write about.  I can stop thinking of moments in our lives that I must write down, I have a list, I will be making this a priority.  Since I write for me, I am not going to feel bad if people choose to look here or if I post too much.

Anyway, I am so excited today, I mean really excited!  It’s not about anything huge or big, but a successful personal accomplishment with a camera.  For once, today’s post is about me.  It’s so easy to write about my kids or my feelings about my kids, but I often bury myself.  I am not doing that today!  

A few weeks ago, I borrowed my stepdad’s Canon film SLR to test myself.  I have been shooting in manual mode with my digital camera for almost a year, but if I make a mistake, I have immediate results and I can quickly fix and move on.  I borrowed George’s camera, to put it on full manual to test my knowledge: to see if my brain actually knew the relationship between the f-stop number and shutterspeed.  I also wanted my sloppy fingers to slow down, think, compose, and shoot. Not just sloppily grab the camera, shoot and pray that I got the moment. I am WAY past that point.  I mean, shoot and pray is a dot in my photographic journey.

I got through a roll mid May with the INTENTION of taking it in to get developed.  Yeah, right, I have so many good intentions sitting in a chair in my living room waiting to be mailed around the country and world.  So along comes a Flickr challenge for May 19: Take a roll of film in a day and post the whole thing.  Not knowing how my first roll went, I decided to do it anyway.  Best case scenario: I have two rolls of good pictures, worst case, I wasted a total of $20 between the film and developing.

Today, a week later, I FINALLY remembered to not just take in my film but to also PICK it up!  I am so proud!  Here are a few photos from my manual only.  While they are now digital files, these have NOT been digitally enhanced in anyway.  I did not process these, so all processing decisions were made by the film machine at our Hy-Vee, as we don’t have a proper film developer in our small town.





So, while I have been shooting manually for some time now, I did not have instant gratification during this challenge.  Also, I did not use my digital camera during these 10 days of shooting film.  I am inspired, excited, and reminded why I was one of those people that never wanted a digital camera.  I have spent time this afternoon trying to find a cheap camera on Ebay, I will be hunting through thrift stores this summer.  I have caught the bug again.  Except instead of finding digital evil, I just want exist in BOTH worlds.  There’s a time and place for both if you ask me.

I love to hear from you! Please talk to me!

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