I Want to Hear God


“I want to hear God,” McCartney often says. We tell him that God talks to us in different ways, you just have to know how to listen. “No, I want to hear his voice, like they did in the Bible.”  Well, we assume, they heard his voice, but we don’t know.

I seriously don’t know what Scott and I were thinking when we bought the Children’s Bible, that was designed to read a story a night for a year.  It has opened so many cans of worms on topics that we are not prepared to deal with…. Those conversations could fill up another blog…. Any minister’s out there want a challenge?  Spend a few hours alone with our son when he’s in a questioning mood.

I digress. The heartwarming story…

“I want to hear God’s voice…”

This morning, I told McCartney to go downstairs and put on a polo shirt. “A what?”  “Find a nice pair of shorts, put on a short sleeved shirt with a collar and buttons, and your brown sandals.  That is what you should wear to church.”

Minutes passed.  I continued to get ready for the morning.  He was missed, but I figured he was fine.  He eventually came up with a long sleeved dress shirt and shorts.  “I don’t have a polo shirt.”  “It’s no big deal, you can wear a nice t-shirt.  It’s summer, we are going to Omaha.  God doesn’t care what you wear to church.”

“Mommy, God wants me to look nice.  I feel like God wants me to wear this. I just wish I could hear His voice.”

“Oh, honey, you CAN.”


“Do you WANT to put on a t-shirt?”

“Yes, but that is not right.  God wants me to wear my nicest shirt and this it.”

I rolled up the sleeves, gave him a hug, and straightened up his outfit. “Something inside of you hears God, even if you don’t know it.”

Someday, he will understand. Faith like a child. My children teach me about God everyday. They are the best gift ever.


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