A Week Off…

Next week, is one to write down in our family’s history books: Scott and I are taking our honeymoon (finally!) and the kids are spending a week with Grammy and Grandpy.  Now, what makes this a big event is that I have never been away from either child for more than a couple of days.  When McCartney was around a year, Scott brought him to Nebraska 30 hours ahead of me, and that is the extent of our MAJOR separation.  Now, Scott on the other hand, has many weeks off of parenting duties.  When we lived in Maine, I would take the kids to Nebraska for a week or two or to Virginia, and more times than not, he had to stay and work. He always said he was sad, and I KNOW he was…but he has had time away from the kids.

Each day, one or both of the kids, will ask ME, not Scott of course, “Are you excited to be away from us?” Seriously??? How do you answer that?  Honestly, I am looking for every excuse to bring them along, much to Scott’s annoyance.  Okay, I don’t really want to spend a week in the car with the kids.  Geeez, do they have to put it like that? WHY DON’T THEY ASK THEIR BELOVED DADDY THAT LOADED QUESTION????

I am looking forward to seeing new things, time to read, sleeping through the night, meals where I can just sit and relax, not having a house to clean, a break from the minivan, time to think about a photograph and then take said photograph. I can’t wait to actually have a conversation with my husband that isn’t in a stressed out, or too tired mode.  Can we actually converse? I know we can!  Most importantly, I am looking forward to MISSING my kids.  It has been so long since we have been separated long enough for me to feel the void when they are gone.

How in the world, do I explain that to my little ones that I love more than anything??? I simply don’t.  I just say, “I am excited to go on our trip, but I will be so SAD to be away from you!  It just won’t be the same. Will you miss me when you are with Grammy and Grandpy?”

“Ah, no, Grammy and Grandpy are WAY more fun than you!”  Little Turkeys!  Ah, kids, that’s just who they are.  I am afraid they will miss me, but actually, I am MORE afraid they won’t.  I am terribly AFRAID that the week after our trip, they will really decided that Mommy is completely LAME….time will tell.  Deep down, I don’t want them crying for me, but honestly, I kinda do. 😉

3 thoughts on “A Week Off…

    • We are road tripping west! San Francisco, Southern California (I am meeting Liz (fotomama from 365!)), Vegas, The Moab, and then home. It should be fun, full, and a chance to see new things. I have been to SoCal many times, but Scott has never been to CA. Never been to Vegas. Can’t wait! Thanks. Still nervous about being away, but getting excited as the day gets closer. 🙂

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