Fun Night at the Ball Park

June 19, 2012

We had the BEST night at the Storm Chaser’s game! It was actually, the best time we have ever had at a baseball game, and considering how many games we have attended, that is saying A LOT!  The Storm Chaser’s are the Kansas City Royal’s AAA farm team, and my son’s baseball team was invited for a night of FUN FUN FUN!  The team actually, got to go on the field and be announced with the team before the game.  So even before the following events, the night had promise for fun.  Upon entering the gate, they handed each of us a free t-shirt, and the kids were immediately approached about racing tractors after the first inning.  McCartney said, “Yes!” right away, but we had to talk Ana into it.  After some “quick” forms, we found our seats.

The players were invited on the field, for photo opps together, and then they waited on the sidelines for their names to be called over the loudspeaker.  For any kid, this was really neat, but for my son, who is CERTAIN he is going pro, this was a fun PRACTICE run for his future career. They even let the parentazzi loose, for a few minutes, before kicking us to the sidelines.


After the team’s turn was over on the field, they were sent to the sidelines to wait to be called announced with the players.  It was a LONG wait for the kids.  While they waited the team’s mascots came by for visits, they watched the team warm up, and some even came over for handshakes.  They even BOWED and chanted to the umpires.  It was so cute!  “We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!”  I loved that some kids played along with it and other’s clearly did not.

McCartney was assigned to third base.  Which, of course, he thinks has some hidden meaning for his future or aptitude.  One night a few weeks ago, he rocked 3rd base, I mean, really played it well.  Scott and I think it’s a coincidence, but he’s 7 and he can think what he wants to think. 🙂 I am not sure what happend out there, and honestly, I don’t my son has any memories either.  I asked him questions about my pictures, and he has no clue.  I think it was a bit of blur, but it doesn’t matter.  He was in his element!

As they were exiting the field, each player was handed a baseball, and McCartney thought that was awesome!  He didn’t have much time to enjoy it though, because we had to go straight from the field to meet the Storm Girls for the game.  My son, who had forgotten about the game, was really annoyed that he was going to miss the first inning of the baseball game. “Mommy, that is why we go to the GAME: to watch baseball.”  The funny thing is, I am sure EVERY other player would rather have skipped the first inning for a chance to race a tractor on the big screen.  Once we found Scott and Ana, he got over it, sort of.

We were taken ‘behind the scenes’ and had to wait in a secluded area for the race to begin.  While we were there, we chatted with the workers.  By telling the announcer that the kids were born in Maine (he noticed my son’s Sea Dog’s hat another AAA team) he translated it to we were new in town and that is what he told the whole stadium.  Oh well, only the Fremont people knew we weren’t exactly new in town.  While we waited for about 20 minutes, the kids were pretty naughty.  I am sure the Storm Girls had wished they asked someone else, but I am guessing, they probably just wished they weren’t at work. 🙂

All the kids had to do was hold down a petal and keep their arms straight during the race.  McCartney, of course followed the rules, THE WHOLE time.  Ana, on the other hand, at the last second, cut her brother off and WON the race!  She is our tractor racing queen, her second race since we have moved.  It certainly does fit, since she is the one who has LOVED farms since we moved and has inherited Papa’s farming blood.

She keeps saying, “I play dirty.”

An older security guard, felt sorry for McCartney’s loss and handed him a foul baseball, which McCartney thought was COOLER than the race!  (Unfortunately, he lost it the same night too.)  The rest of the evening was just as fun!  McCartney sat with his friends, debated stats with another 7 year old baseball lover, the kids had ice cream and soda.  Plus, the section got up on the big screen and won packages of hot dogs from a grocery store (gross! but we won!)!!  The Storm Chaser’s even pulled out a win. By the time we got home at 11, we were exhausted, but man, it was a FUN night at the field.

Of course, McCartney still has a voucher for two free tickets to the same team that we have to use soon, so we will go back.  Of course, we will have to prepare the kids, not every night at the ball park will be as magical as that.  As lucky as we were last night though, Scott and I were thinking, “Bring on Vegas!” 😉




One thought on “Fun Night at the Ball Park

  1. Crazy…we live right down the road from them and we have never been to a game! Sad, huh? Sounds like you had a blast and made lifelong memories. You may have convinced met to go to a game. 🙂

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