Our Fireworks Show Experience

The kids LOVE fireworks.  They love the colors, they “oo” and “ah” revel in their magic.  They both hate loud noises, but somehow overlook that little detail when it comes to a fireworks show.  McCartney says that fireworks sound like loud high-fives, which aren’t scary at all.

Our town had its annual 4th of July fireworks display on July 3rd at 10pm (I know the dates don’t match up, but hey, it worked better for us so we didn’t complain.) The kids were so excited that we were going, and that they could stay up late, I mean REALLY late to watch them.  Last night, we found a quiet part of a country road, not far out-of-town, set out our beach chairs, a blanket, and got ready to watch the display.

Despite the 100 temperatures of the afternoon, it cooled down with the sunset and was a perfect 85 degrees outside, the breeze picked up, and bugs were chirping, but leaving us alone (for this time of year, that is a miracle in itself).  In those moments as were getting ready to watch the show, life was as simple and perfect as one could explain.  Ana our earliest riser of the day, was the first to crash.  She saw literally one firework around 10:01 and fell asleep in Scott’s arms.  Within two minutes of the show starting, he laid her on the blanket for the rest of the show.  I started out the show taking pictures, but only spent a few minutes doing that because I didn’t want to miss out on McCartney’s reaction to the beauty.  We were there for HIM after all!  About 10 minutes into the show, I looked over at him, and his lids were heavy.

“How are you doing, Buddy?”

“I’m trying so hard to watch the show, but my eyes just won’t stay open.”

“Just do your best, it is late. It’s Ok.”

“But we’re here for me…”

Seconds later, he was out.

Scott and I finished watching the show and once it was over, spent about 10 minutes watching them sleep.  It was the cutest sight in the world, out little babies crashed out, too tired to stay awake for the show, despite the lights, despite the noise, despite the world going on around them.  Life is not always perfect, but in those moments, ours was as close as you could get…

My baby sleeping in the Glow of the Fireworks (I tried to get one of MC, but it was too dark)


Happy birthday, United States of America!

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