Our “Insta”-Road Trip

We have been home a few days from our two people road trip, slowly adjusting back to life and putting everything away.  As I was loading the 1,000 photos onto our computer, we were informed that our hard-drive was full.  Well, that should not have happened, and needless to say, it was clearly my fault.  So, processing our road trip photos is on hold, and so is writing about it, at length.  Luckily, I took a notebook, mini-blogged in short-handed notes as we traveled half way across the country and back, as we saw new sights, and experienced new things.  It wouldn’t be a Scott and Courtney trip without a misadventure, or two, or ten.  Of course, in the bigger cities, we got lost, and spent some time with the locals, but we’ve been doing that for years and our misadventures when we travel, could be another book.

Before we left, it was requested that we share pictures through Facebook.  The only way we could do that was through our phone cameras through Instagram, so here you go, here are our WORST vacation photos, taken with my camera phone. Most of them are as shot, meaning I didn’t do anything to them in the Instagram application.  Keep in mind, we were on a road trip, so most of these photos were taken from a moving car, with a 3 megapixel camera phone.  They are not my best work, and not even close to the beauty we saw.  They do, however, tell a quick story of a 7 day, 6 state trip out west. Disclaimer: this is my most boring post to date, is poorly written.  I do apologize in advance.

Day One: Over 14 hours in the car Fremont, Nebraska to Salt Lake City Utah

Western Nebraska – The first 7 Hours were “getting through” the first state

Wyoming was our second state to get through. The clouds helped make the country side more picturesque.

The mountains of Utah were a beautiful and welcome sight! We spent the night in Salt Lake City.

Day Two: Northern Utah, Northern Nevada, and California Another 14 hours in the Car.

Nevada was brown and desolate.

The Mountains of the Tahoe area in California were so BEAUTIFUL!

Day 3 – We spent the day exploring San Francisco.  We slept in Los Banos, CA that night. A total of 4 hours in the car.

Oakland Bay Bridge from San Francisco Side – We drove across this bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Day 4 – We drove 6 Hours to Temecula, CA and had a 365 Meet up with a friend (no photos) and then drove another 6 hours to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Southern, CA – Almost Nevada

Vegas, Baby! We arrived in Vegas in time to enjoy the lights of the strip!

Day 5 – Was spent in Vegas – No Instagram

Day 6 – We were READY to get out of Vegas.  We spent it in Southern Nevada, Arizona, and Utah making our way to the Arches National Park.  We slept in Western Colorado that night.  I think it was another 14-15 hours in the car.

Utah – Just amazing

Canyons Galore, Southern Utah

Day 7 – We drove to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado and went HIGH up in the mountains.  We made it to Lincoln, NE by 3:30am Sunday morning.  Too many hours in the car….

Above the tree line in Rocky Mountain National Park

Sunday – We technically weren’t at our house when this photo was taken, but to me people are my home, not a house, land, town, or place.  I think that is why Scott and I cannot settle down and find that perfect town to live….


4,126 miles after we began

4,126 miles after we started our trip….The stories we have, the sights we saw, I am still processing it my head.  I am excited to see the photos on my computer screen, but even the photos are not the same as being there, as living it.  If you ever go out west, I recommend doing it by car.  It is A LOT of miles, and LOTS of time in the car, but there are things you will miss and will never see if you fly over it.  Life is too short to miss it.


One thought on “Our “Insta”-Road Trip

  1. Sounds amazing and quiet! I bet your pictures are amazing ( but I think the ones u took with your phone r great!). I bet you made lifetime memories! I took a road trip to CA with my parents when I was maybe 15. We were in the car 2 1/2 weeks, and San Fran, Vegas and Colorado were among our stops too. I probably hated the car rides, but I do not remember that. I only remember the fun things and those crazy times of getting lost. U made a good choice to take time alone together, too!

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