Road Trip, Day 1 – Trying Not to Just “Get Through it”

Waking up at home, at 5am with at least a 14 hour drive in front of us on the first morning was tough.  We were excited to be on our own, excited for our adventure, but WOW, we had a LOT of road to cover!  We were tired from the night before, since we able to get a generous 5 hours of sleep.  We also had at least 7 hours of open prairie to drive through.  Plus, we had no idea what lie ahead: other cars, road construction, the obstacles that could keep us away from our destination of Salt Lake City that night were endless.  We are not dwellers, we are doers.  I am sure those thoughts were not even in our minds that morning as we packed up and headed out on the open road.

Enjoying the moment on a road trip is not an easy thing to do.  As I was cruising down the road, taking the first driving shift, ignoring the “beauty” of Nebraska’s prairie, I was dreaming of our stops along the way. I was hoping for some “runs” through mountains, couldn’t wait to see San Francisco, Vegas, looking forward to a photo meet-up, day dreaming about all of the things I could photograph that are not part my everyday life. I was also enjoying the quiet, I was pushing the memories of the kids’ recent fighting from the back of my head, but I was also “getting through” the landscape of Nebraska, half of our drive. 7 hours at 75 miles per hour…

A rest area right inside Wyoming

A lot of Wyoming was something to “get through” as well.  A lot of open road, wide spaces, and big sky.  I was TRYING to enjoy the moment, living in this day, but being a person who likes to move, it was HARD to enjoy hours upon hours of sitting and staring.  However, as a stay at home mom who NEEDED something, a day off is not something to GET THROUGH.

At some point, I was reminded of the movie Couple’s Retreat. (Scott and I LOVED that movie and really related to one particular couple, and especially this scene:) There’s a scene where Vince Vaughn and his wife are in their counseling session, and as the couple that seem to have it together, the audience is pretty sure that they don’t have anything to work on until his wife says, “we get through stuff..” In return, the counselor goes on a tirade of “getting through life.”  He ends with the notion that with that attitude you will wake up one day and have gotten through life.  Honestly, it was like Scott and I were getting counseling when we watched that scene.  (How many years did we just get through stuff???!?!?!?)  Digress, digress, digress–those are all stories for another day….

Anyway, here we were, driving through some dry, desolate states, working on enjoying our day.  We had so much fun listening to ANY music without editing out the “naughty” words.  It was so nice to read, in peace.  The craziest part was that we did not run out of snacks on the first day of traveling!  We might not have even eaten, I really don’t remember and I don’t care.  It was a great day, of it being the two of us, and it was a good exercise for me to work on not just getting through life.

Western Wyoming somewhere

Western Wyoming or Utah. Not sure which one

Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is GORGEOUS!


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