Baby-sitting Tiger

A few weeks ago, Tiger came to visit for one day (or as McCartney would say, “23 hours.”)  We had a few adventures and learned many lessons.

Lesson #1  Tiger is small enough to fit through the slats on our fence, so we if take him outside without a leash, wear sneakers.

Lesson #2 Tiger chases rabbits.

Lesson #3 He can run REALLY fast.

Lesson #4 Most of our neighbors do not have fenced in yards, or places to block in a small dog who loves to chase rabbits.

Lesson #5 The kids cannot run fast enough to catch a dog, but Mommy can, even in her worst sandals [Thank you 5ks!]

Lesson #6 Once everyone is back home, only the dog and Mom want to take a nap.

Lesson #7 Dogs have to go potty even when it is 98 degrees outside, but only Mommy is willing to go for a walk.

Lesson #8 Put your things away ALWAYS – Tiger likes to chew on things. [The house stayed clean!  I LOVED it!!!  Scott learned this lesson the HARD way….]

Lesson #9 Dogs poop and it must be cleaned up.  If you are not ready to put a baggie over hand and pick up poop, you are not ready for a dog, no matter how much you love them.

Lesson #10 Dogs love the person who takes care of them.

In the end, the kids decided that they would LOVE to have a dog, but they are NOT ready for one.  Ana said it best, “Dogs sure are a lot of work!”  I decided that while the kids are not ready, and I know they are a LOT of work, I would LOVE to have one sooner than later.  It was a fun 23 hours and Tiger is a sweet dog!  We hope to baby-sit him again!

I love to hear from you!  What age can kids actually help A LOT with a dog?

4 thoughts on “Baby-sitting Tiger

  1. Dogs are defeinitely a lot of work! I find that mine motivates me to go for runs and be more active in my daily life so that is one thing that I LOVE about having him. My cats are way easier to care for, though, and I can’t get enough of how affectionate they are. Caution, though, if you ever decide to get a cat, I learned the hard way that you should really get two of them. One cat was way more work than two cats (and the cost to care for two is not that much more than one)! They entertain each other for hours and tire each other out so they are less needy/bored. As far as the kids go, I think if each has one set chore a day that deals with the dog… feeding, walking, etc. It will help you to feel like you aren’t doing EVERYTHING.

    • I would LOVE a cat, but Scott is deathly allergic. We are years from a dog, but when we get one, it will be a family project. We need to learn how to stay home first and live somewhere else. I love your stories about your pets and how much you love them, Melissa. 🙂

  2. Older than 8. Shoot, Older than 30! 🙂 I want to return ours nearly daily. Our dog is so much more work than our 3 kiddos combined. If you get one, get a Lab. My parents have a lab and it is the best, most well trained dog and SO GOOD with kids! Oh…if only…
    Cute post!

    • That is GOOD to know! Your dog is so cute, but I think they need to be more than cute. Yes, the novelty was wearing off after 23 hours, I can only imagine how quickly it does. When we do get one, I am sure it will end up being mine, so I better pick it out. 🙂

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