Who wore it better?

Yesterday, I discovered a treasure I thought was lost, gone forever.  I assumed it was lost in our many childhood moves or water damage.  I told my husband and children the stories many times. My parents told them the stories, but there is nothing like opening the box and finding a piece of your past. (And for a non-packrat to say that, you must know I MEAN it.)

When I was in elementary school, I begged my parents to dress up like a pilgrim for THANKSGIVING.  No, it wasn’t Halloween, and I do understand what EVERYONE else does, but once upon a time, I did not care about EVERYONE else.  Obviously, my parents knew me well, because they didn’t just piece together a costume, but they had one made for me. [We were farmers and didn’t have extra money, so this was a BIG deal.]

This costume was a TREASURE to me.  I LOVED it and wore for it years.  Yes, I know, I shouldn’t have been dressing up for Thanksgiving at 10 or 11, but once upon a time…

Yesterday, when I found it, along with a few other AMAZING treasures, I did what any soul-searching 33-year-old girl woman would do, I put it on of course! While I wouldn’t say it, fit, I can say that I could get it on!  Ana was jealous and wanted to join in the fun too.

So, who wore it better? Please vote!

Do you have any special treasures from childhood?  Please tell me your story with your vote.

Vote Courtney in the comments box, if I wore it better

Vote Ana in the comments box if she wore it better


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5 thoughts on “Who wore it better?

  1. Courtney, you were it best! You look more thrilled by finding your treasure. But give Ana a few years of wearing it and she might be able to become victorious!

    • Thank you! It will be fun to see her grow into it. I am so happy that I found it, especially since I didn’t have any baby dresses of mine for her to wear. This is even better. 🙂

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