Why take a Road Trip?

We are getting ready to drive to Maine in a few days, and this time, the kids are coming along.  This will be our first, multi-day family car trip.  When we used to visit Nebraska, we always flew, but our circumstances our different, and if we want to go, which we do, we have to drive.

“Why can’t we just fly?  Why do we have to drive?” the kids asked at dinner the other night.

Scott and I sat for a minute, and debated about giving the practical answer, but kids don’t want to hear those reasons.  Plus, the second I say, “Well, it’s about money —- wha wha wha wha ——- wha ….. blah blah blah Mom talks too much anyway….”

Instead, this is what we told them:

Road trips are so much fun!

You never know what you will see!

Wyoming landscape

Or what the next state will look like:

Western Wyoming/Eastern Utah

When you drive, you can go out of your way to meet new people.

I met Liz from the 365 project! More on her and her amazing talents later!

You never know what amazing things are waiting for you at rest stops.

World’s Biggest Thermometer: Somewhere, Nevada

When you fly, you miss the AMAZING landscapes that God created.

Amazing Canyons along the road in Southern, Utah

He wants us to enjoy his world.

Southern Utah is worth the drive, just for the views

There are so many things in our country that we don’t know even exist.  We find them when we drive.

Devil’s Canyon in Southern Utah

You never know who might run into on the road.  Maybe we will meet a celebrity!

We met a celebrity! It was a fun surprise and he was so nice!

When you drive, you can change your plans if you are running ahead of schedule and see even more neat things.

Above the tree line at Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Nature can also surprise you too!  You really NEVER know what will happen next.

He is out of focus, because he was RIGHT outside my window and I had seconds to react. He was along the road in Colorado as we were driving home.

There are so many reasons why driving is better than flying.

“Sure, we will spend many hours in the car, sure it will be long, but think of all the adventures we might have!”

As we were convincing them (and trying to convince ourselves that a road trip with kids will be h, so wonderful!) the kids were just staring at us.  We are hoping that our enthusiasm sold it to them, but…umm, hmm, Time will tell.  If nothing else, it will provide me with many months of writing inspiration.

Please, do you have any tips or tricks for LONG road trips with kids? Or tell me your road trip story, did you have any surprises along the way? I love to hear from you!

Thank you,


9 thoughts on “Why take a Road Trip?

  1. Great post. I love road trips and agree that it’s the only way to see the beautiful landscapes. Good luck with the kids and enjoy!

  2. A new surprise a few hours into the drive when the restlessness starts is always appreciated. A new movie, book, car-friendly game, etc. Good luck!

  3. We went to South Dakota a couple yrs ago. Pack a lot of snacks, cheese sticks, apples, and other healthy stuff. Window crayons r fun for the kids…but not so fun to clean up. Music, DVDs, and maybe there own disposable camera so they can take pics along the way. Stick with hotel names u know and hope for in hotel breakfast so u can getup and get ging. Have fun and enjoy. There r not too many years the kids will want to go with us. 🙂
    Or sd vaca…http://ckaustin.blogspot.com/2010/06/austin-family-vacation-2010.html

    • Oh, I like the camera idea! It would be fun to make them use film too. 🙂 Yes, we always make sure the hotel has a breakfast. Can’t wait to check out your SD vacation and I hope you have a good trip too.

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