Dug-Out Conversation

I knew when I had a boy, that size mattered.  Boys love comparing things.  I am sure my son was in his glory being the 9 pound giant in the nursery, although he was sick, he was the biggest one there.

As the boys were waiting for their turn to bat, I heard the following conversation:

“My bat is longer”

“Yeah, well, mine is thicker.”

“Yeah, well, mine is lighter so I can hit the ball farther.”

“Yeah, well, mine is heavier, so I am stronger.”

“Yeah, well…”

At some point, I turned to Scott and said, “If they stop talking about bats, and start comparing something else, you might want to step in.  It starts young.”

“Huh?” He looked at me confused.  Oh right, Scott was actually watching the game. (I watched it too, just not every single sweaty moment.)

I love kids, I love observing them.  They are so funny.  It’s moments like this, that make sweating through losing seasons worth it.  To read my naughty Mommy’s point of view of the final few game’s please visit yesterday’s post. Thank you for reading!



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