Photography Nerd

I have a confession, it’s something that I haven’t said aloud, but have thought for a long time.

If you know me, or read my blog, you won’t be surprised at what I am about to say:

While I appreciate nature, and feel at home outside,

my true passion, is watching people.

and how they interact with each other.

There is so much love between families,

and it is so beautiful to sit back and watch those moments happen, especially since they don’t know how much emotion they are sharing with the world.

I especially love capturing the love between parents and children,

it is beautiful, special and priceless. It often moves me to tears.

When I am at a pool, or park, I sit back and watch families.  I think, “If I had my camera, how would I set the exposure, aperture, ISO, white balance?”  Once it’s in place, I take the photo with my brain and then process it in my head. Playing with textures, contrasts, and tones.

So now you know, my secret, I am a photography nerd.  It is always on my mind. I am obsessed with these beautiful moments, capturing them for families, especially mine.

Life is beautiful, when you open your eyes to find the perfect moments.


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