Why We Live in Nebraska

God reminded me why we live in Nebraska this morning.  Honestly, I needed reminders, because lately I have forgotten. I have been frustrated and sad with this move, and wondered why?  We see our family sometimes, but not much.  Everyone is busy, and I don’t see anyone’s schedules getting any looser.  We don’t fit in here.  We really don’t.  That is one of the many reasons we left 10 years ago.  Politically, we get frustrated in Nebraska, and we don’t agree with the majority.  That part is hard and always has been, but this post is not a political statement, so I will move on.

Today, the day before we go back to Maine, the day before we start putting our old life way high up on its pedestal, like we do, and start dreaming of how perfect it was, God had to wake me up, and that he did.

Scott works all of the time and his schedule is unpredictable. He loves his job, more than I will ever understand, so switching careers is not an option.  It’s Saturday, and he is working. The kids and I are at home, packing and preparing. We leave for a week-long road trip tomorrow.  Of course, this is the day that Ana decides she is going to explore the house, and start locking important doors that have no business even having locks!

SERIOUSLY!!!!!!  The toy room door is locked, the light is on. This door leads to McCartney’s room, the room with his clothes, hanging in a row. The room where his shorts are in drawers.  And of course, laundry is caught up. The toy room leads to the closet that houses our suitcases that we will lay our clothes in.  All of a sudden, the room with a locked door, is more important than I ever imagined, and until today, I didn’t even know it had a lock.

Scott is not answering his phone. NO ONE has a key for said lock.  I removed hinges and pried and pulled on the door.  I have cursed, cried, and pulled. I have used the my muscles that I have been building for the past two years and the door remains in place. Trying to remember lessons from physics class, wait, did I even take physics?  Well, it was 15 years ago and I doubt I listened, so needless to say, the physics failed me, or I failed it.  I hate that door!

I called my stepdad.  He instructed me on how to open the door.  More prying, more tears, more cursing, more sweat. The door is still in place.  He gave me more directions, a new approach, breaking into the lock. No luck.

Now, there’s the choice: I can call a locksmith on Saturday and pay extra, wait and HOPE that Scott can fix it, (but who knows what time he will get off of work, we have to get the rental tonight, and bedtime, will be delayed even more by packing and that is IF he can fix it and IF we have the right tools) or my stepdad can spend 2-3 hours of his Saturday driving up here, taking off the door, and driving home. He was packing his truck as he was making his offer…. I hate that he’s coming, but well, this is why we live here.  Until Scott’s schedule loosens up, we make room in our budget for services like AAA, and we can have jobs where we get to parent together we need to live where I can rely on family for help.

While, I am not thrilled with this reminder today, I am grateful that it was sent to me today.  Now, I wish He would send a reminder to my husband, who is struggling with our choice these days too.

He also just called and thinks the whole thing is, “No big deal.”  (Easy for him to think that, one who works, yet is frustrated 5 minutes after he walks in the door….)

6 thoughts on “Why We Live in Nebraska

  1. Next time call me! I can always run out and give a lock a try. My kids have locked themselves inside if rooms before! 🙂 I think I can now pick a lock. Hope u had a wonderful trip!

  2. Hang in there! We moved away, and moved back again too. And while there are many things I don’t like about NE and Fremont, and also hold our past community up in grand nostalga, family is what matters! 🙂

    • It’s hard to return, I agree. I hope in time, we can either accept it or change it. Yes, I do not regret making the decision to raise our kids near family, even if we don’t see them as much as we had hoped. Thanks for your support. It helps A LOT! 🙂

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