Instagram-ing our Way to Maine

We are heading home from an absolutely wonderful week on the road as a family. Our kids are road trip rock stars (I will share some secrets later)! Anyway, instead of posting a ton in the weeks to come, I thought it would be fun to share my phone shots and test out the mobile app too.

It took us 3 days to drive to Maine, and that was by choice since we took a detour to Niagara Falls.

The rental from the drive way. Sunday morning.

Next stop was Iowa:

After Iowa, we drove through Illinois, which looks a lot like Iowa, except near Chicago. This was the first time the kids had been here.

Indiana was next, and yes, it looks like Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois.

We spent the first night in Ohio.

Pennsylvania was a quick pass through, but a state I don’t want to forget!

Monday’s goal was to get to Niagara Falls as quickly as possible. We arrived by 3pm. They were amazing!

We saw Canada from the Falls, but we couldn’t go because we don’t have passports yet.

Tuesday’s goal was to drive to Maine as quickly as possible! The day felt wicked long,  especially since we had to drive through the long part of New York. It was pretty.

We were getting excited once we reached Massachusetts!  It was our first return to New England in over two years!

New Hampshire went by quickly.

And before we knew it, we crossed the bridge to Maine! It felt like going home.

We stayed with our friends, it went by way too fast. I have a million photos and stories to share.

The first leg of our long road trip was a success and it was so fun to enjoy our beautiful country.


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