Instagram-ing our way home from Maine…

We had a FANTASTIC 2 days in Maine, but they went by so quick!  Of course, I snapped some phone photos of our drive back to our driveway…

Just as it was hard to move away from Maine two years ago, it was hard to leave again.  I cried until we reached Boston.  We love Maine, but right now we are supposed to be in Nebraska.

New Hampshire! It’s a short drive, if you blink, you could miss it!

We spent the afternoon in Boston, showing the kids a city we LOVE.

Someone was so excited to get to Fenway!

After a good night’s sleep, we hit the road.  The goal was Maumee, OH, which was about 10 hours of drive time, not including stops, road construction, or other things that slow down road trippers.  We wanted to get there early so we could swim and we made it!

New York State

We did stop for about 3 minutes on the highway in Pennsylvania. We were happy it was not too long!

We had two stops the WHOLE 10 hours of driving!  We stopped once in New York and once in Cleveland for gas.  Our kids are road trip warriors!

Cleveland, OH

The goal of this day was to sleep at home.  We also wanted to see Michigan and one of the Great Lakes.  We had quite a few stops, but road trips are all about experiences and we LOVE those!

An awesome park!

We walked to Michigan from this park!

Michigan! It was Scott and the kids’ first time there!

Back in Indiana, we found the perfect souvenir for Ana.

I took many photos at Lake Michigan, but you will have to wait, since the phone photos didn’t turn out!

Illinois once you leave the Chicago area


We arrived in Omaha around 9:45, so please forgive the terrible photo

At 10:21pm, 1 week, 15 hours, 3595 miles later we arrived back in our driveway.

We arrived safe and sound in our driveway!

Our kids are amazing road trippers!  I can’t wait to share their advice for traveling with kids and our many moments from the past week.

4 thoughts on “Instagram-ing our way home from Maine…

    • Thanks for stopping by! WE LOVE LOVE LOVE Boston! It is full of history and there is so much to do. There are paid things, and loads of free things. Definitely worth checking out!

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