Back to School Recap

…and a couple of cute stories from today…

When I picked the kids up after their first half day, both were happy and excited.  As we were walking back to the van, I asked, “How was school?  What did you do?”

Before McCartney could say a word, Ana replied, “Fine. I just don’t remember school any more.  Let’s go home.”

“Oh, no, you are my girl and you are supposed to tell me every detail,” I jokingly scolded.  (All of my friends who have school aged girls say they get the moment by moment recap, so I want to train her young!

“Look at that sign, Mommy! It says, ‘No Parking Any Time.'”

“You’re right, how did you know that?”

“I read it,” she told me like it was old hat.

“WOW!  You learned A LOT today!”


Luckily, with a Runza lunch bribe, and an ice cream cone later, I managed to get enough details from the kids to get the gist of their first 4 hours.

McCartney still loves recess and can’t wait for gym class.  He is excited to go back to school tomorrow for the first time since school began, so my heart is happy!

Ana LOVES art, and was SUPER happy she had it today.  Her class is nice, and she plays with everyone.

My heart is happy and I am looking forward to 4 hours of quiet tomorrow.  All is well!

SECOND story from tonight (read or not, I write so we don’t forget our moments):

As my son was making tomorrow morning’s iced coffee (it’s on his chore list for an allowance), he said, “Daddy, you might want to consider having iced coffee tomorrow.  It is supposed to be slightly breezy, and a high of 87.”

“Sounds good, make me an iced for the morning too,” Scott chuckled.  “McCartney, you are so awesome!”

I was washing dishes and laughing my head off.  “We’re doing something right, he offers the best customer service in town!”

Thank you to everyone who read and comment on my blogs, as well as those of you who requested details about our first day back!  I feel so blessed and loved! Thank you!



For the first part of the story, see The First Day of Many


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