Travel Photo of the Year Finalist

Thursday morning was rough.  I was lost.  I was sad.  I wrote a post through tears, begging God for answers, for direction, for patience.  Thursday afternoon my phone rang and I received my first subbing job.  Thursday night, right before bed, I got an e-mail from Bucket List Publications.

I am learning to ask.  Yes, there are amazing photographers out there, and MANY more are better than me, but I entered anyway, along with hundreds of others.

“Driving Down the Road, Utah Somewhere” Travel Photo Contest of the Year Finalist

I am one of 18 finalists for Bucket List’s Travel Photo of the Year Contest!  YAY!  I want to win, I mean, I WOULD love to win.  How can you help?  If you think this image is interesting, neat or at least noteworthy, would you please go to this link and share it on all of your forms of social media?  Each comment also counts as a vote too.

I appreciate the support and the time it takes for you to show me the love!

Today, Monday, I understand that God is telling me to teach, to photograph, to write.  He will fill in the blanks for me at a later date.  Today, I am better, I have patience again.

Thank you for your support.



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