Maine Friends, Maine Family

A few weeks ago, I thought that when I picked my major at 18, that I guessed wrong.  Then, I started processing my photos from Maine, and I as looked at some of my favorite moments from our trip, I knew that was a terrible thing to think.  I did NOT guess wrong.  I know these wonderful, caring people because I was a teacher, at the best elementary school in the country.  (Ok, that is a biased opinion, but nothing you will say will change my mind.)

When you live separately from your family, you find surrogate family members.  In some way, they are better, because you kind of choose them.  However, looking back at how I become good friends with these people, it wasn’t a choice.  We were brought together for a reason and I miss our Maine family everyday.  These are the people who visited us in the hospital when our kids were born.  When we couldn’t travel to Nebraska over Thanksgiving and Christmas, our Maine family always made sure we had a place at their table and we never felt like we were any less than family.  These are the ones that cried and hugged me when I couldn’t go to my grandpa’s funeral.  They are also the people who supported me through the diagnosis of one child and the pregnancy depression with the other child.  I can’t even begin to list EVERYTHING these special angels have done for me, and I pray I have given them something in return.  I also wish I have photos of everyone that is special to us, or that we saw on our trip, but I cherish the memories.

They are also the reason why, now back in Nebraska, we feel pulled back.  The beach also has something to do with it too.  However, we have a Nebraska family and friends who are more like family here too.  When we lived in Maine, we MISSED them everyday.  Now that we live where we do, I am meeting people who are becoming special too.  Our biggest hurdle, is finding contentment in missing a place we love, and happiness with those we live near RIGHT NOW.

I don’t know our future, except that we are open to living in Maine again, when we can do it better.  Our family agrees, we are not ready now, so we live for today.  Today is about Nebraska.

When you love two places, with wonderful people, you will always feel pulled back, so we move forward.

Saying Good-Bye. McCartney was devastated when had to say Good-bye to Ella again. He has yet to make a special friend in Nebraska. This photo makes me cry.

I LOVE this photo! It is so them. I have known each of these kiddos since they were babies.

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One thought on “Maine Friends, Maine Family

  1. You have made our lives so much richer with your love and kindness. Thank you for being a part of it. We miss you all so much! Love the pictures, by the way.

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