Art Gallery

Last night, I was invited to a very EXCLUSIVE art show.  The artist INSISTED that I bring my camera, so her beautiful art could be on my computer.  I felt extremely special and honored to be the ONLY guest for the show.

I showed up a couple of minutes early, and was greeted at the door.

She gave me a special tour around the gallery.

After I took photos, the artist invited me to join her for a special snack of cake and green tea.  I don’t know how she prepared it, but the recipe was perfect!

The artist also wanted me to photograph her year old fish, Flower.  He is a Beta of steel, and after fighting an illness all summer, he seems to have bounced back.

When the show was over, and it was time for cuddles, the artist left me with these parting words: “Someday, I want my work in a REAL art museum.  I think everyone would love my pretty pictures.”  I agreed, and deep down, I know EXACTLY how she feels.


6 thoughts on “Art Gallery

  1. That is so sweet! Did she really make a snack on her own? Her artwork is precious. In the top photo, the artist looks like a supermodel. 🙂

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