Living the Above Average Life

I accept it, I get it, I am okay with my above average life.  There are always those who are better than me, but also worse.  At 33 years old, I have decided that being above average is who I am, and it’s a good life.  I am blessed.

When I was younger, I had a desire to be the best.  Whatever I tried, I put my heart and soul into thinking that someday, I could be the best at anything I did.  I don’t know how many hours I poured into things like singing, band, color guard, cross stitching, schoolwork, and other school activities.  The problem with that is that I never achieved the top, not even close.  All that energy, pride and trying, and I never once reached it.

Whatever I do in life, I HAVE to work hard.  Everything I am interested in is a journey, a path, a discovery.  I used to wonder why I have so many lessons to learn in life?  Why can’t I be handed anything?  The answer is simple, we all have the opportunity to use life as lessons, a journey, a discovery.  However, not everyone embraces learning, and maybe some, let life pass them by.  I have never been one to be able to do that.  I say, “Let’s walk this road, go on this journey, and see where we will land next.”

When Scott and I got married, I thought I would be the best wife.  However, I hate to cook, clean, and I often make him help me.  Instead of being a perfect wife, I am his perfect wife, and we get to define what that means, together, as partners.  I also had plans to a better than an above average mom.  However, no matter how much I try there is always a mom who has more patience, a better body, more kids, a cleaner house, and she even home schools.  Instead, I will be the perfect mother for my kids and they don’t complain about it, well most days, they don’t wish for another mom.  (I have to be honest, my son has dreamed of a life with someone else, but I am good at bursting his bubbles when I explain that any mom who loves him, will make him learn the same lessons.  I will never forget the look on his face when I explained to him that no one on this planet loves him more than his parents.  It was priceless, but that is a complete digression, forgive me.)

Who knows, maybe someday, I will achieve superstardom, but until that happens, I will be happy with my above average life and my above average skills.  While I might never reach the top, I am enjoying the climb.


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7 thoughts on “Living the Above Average Life

  1. I gotta tell ya.. it’s so refreshing to hear such authenticity. I’ve had those same thoughts myself.. I totally relate. Why do some bloggers hit it big time and others don’t? I find the greatest people who never seem to get the spotlight discovery, what’s up with that? Yet I keep this in mind…some people become lost and alone in their alleged stardom. Sometimes the big time bloggers end up chained to a iron ball and they lose their freedom in life. So these are things I take into consideration. Bless your sweet heart.

    • That is a great point. It can be lonely at the top, so I have heard. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and promoting it on Twitter. I always like to connect with other Aspie moms. 🙂

    • Thanks! This was from our vacation, it was in Indiana and we walked to Michigan! It was a blast and we could have spent the day there, but it was on the drive home. 🙂

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