An Hour of Connection

This morning, I took a walk, not because it is good for my health goal, but because I wanted to be out of my house.  I brought my camera, not because I had a new technique to learn or a client who wanted a photo, but because I wanted to be inspired.  I also brought my iPod shuffle so I could quiet the voiced in my head. 

I walked at my pace.  I didn’t have to walk faster to chase little feet or slower because my husband loves to mosey.  I was in charge and I walked at my speed.  I didn’t care how many calories I burned or about my heart rate.  I got lost in my walk, stopping when I wanted to stop and walking until I decided to be done.

I took photographs.  I photographed things that caught my attention.  I didn’t care if I was creating art or an image that others would love.  No one is paying me to take these photographs either, so they can be whatever I want them to be.  I don’t care if anyone loves them or everyone hates them. They are for me and me alone.

I listened to my music.  If I wanted to skip a song, I did.  I even listened to a few twice because I could.  I didn’t have to worry about naughty words or bad messages because the music was purely for my enjoyment.  I even shut it off a few times so I could enjoy the chirping of the grasshoppers and the rustling of the grass.

Toward the end of my walk, I found a patch of grass (or weeds) that people probably ignore and I sat.  I looked, I noticed, I felt, I photographed, and most of all, I breathed.  In that moment, the world was perfect and wonderful.  Everything was in sync and I was happy to be there.  I didn’t long for the ocean, or someone to sit with.  I didn’t think about my silent phone, or the to-do lists that I was ignoring.  It was a moment for me to enjoy this place at this time.

I now have scratches on my face, arms and legs, a spot on my shirt (at least it’s black),  and possibly a rash.  I had to wipe ants off my feet, pull some weeds out of my hair.  It was all worth it, because I had a moment to breathe.

When I got home, I laid on my bed and read.  I didn’t care that it was morning, or that I should be getting something done.  I didn’t care what anyone thought, because I needed this time, who knows if I will get it tomorrow?

This was a gift to myself.  I am glad I received it.  Since my beautiful hour, I have received a phone call from the principal and it wasn’t to tell me about the good things my son has done.  I have received some assignments from my grad school teachers, and I am a tad regretful and scared about my decision.  Tonight the kids and I are doing a community service project around others, and all I want to do is hide in my bed.


However, I took an hour to breathe, to listen, to walk, to feel, to connect.  If I can take the time to pause in the middle of a busy day, I can do anything.

How do you breathe?  What inspires you and makes you feel in sync again?


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