If I taught a Photography Class…

If I taught a photography class my first lesson wouldn’t be about the camera, settings, light, ISO, or anything technical.  Instead I would ask the eager students: “Why do you want to learn about photography?”

I wouldn’t accept the obvious, surface answers.  Instead, I would send them out of class to shoot for an hour or two.  Upon their return, I would want to know the REAL reason why photography is important to them.

During our discussion, I would ask, “Do you want to learn photography so

you have artwork for your walls?”

you never have to hire a photographer again?”

others can tell you how amazing you are?”

you can capture your family?”

you can make extra money?”

you have an escape?”

you can be outside with nature?”

you can feel the quiet?”

you can enter a contest?”

you can remember the moment?”

Photography starts within, photographs aren’t made, they are captured.  Before you press the shutter, the photographer needs to know WHY.  In order to fully capture the moment, you have to find something within your soul.  Otherwise, it’s just another picture.


5 thoughts on “If I taught a Photography Class…

    • I wish we could go on a photography outing together! I actually am self taught, along with getting advice from others online. One of the best projects I did to really learn my camera and light is taking a picture a day for a year and then posting it on http://www.365project.org. Yes, a class would be valuable! Self teaching takes A LOT of time, and trial and error! 🙂

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