Who Owns the Moment?

While writing about our lives, I often wonder: Who owns the moment?  For some reason, I really enjoy sharing our stories.  I love reliving the good moments, and I find it therapeutic to share the bad ones.  I write honestly, and from the heart.  However, I understand that some moments are private and shouldn’t be shared with the world.  It doesn’t mean I don’t write about them, but it does mean that I don’t share them.

I have to remember that I am a mom first and my kids don’t get a choice about what I write about and I often write about them.  I share the good things they do and I also share the some of the mistakes they make.  I didn’t forget this when I wrote yesterday’s post.

Writing about why we told our son about Asperger’s was tough for many reasons.  First, this week has been a tough week.  The moon is full, our schedules are filling up, and we had to tell our son something BIG for him to digest.   Second, I didn’t want to share his moment with the world.  My son’s Asperger’s is his.  I don’t have it, and while I do my best to help him, it’s not mine.  I didn’t go into detail about our conversation because I didn’t want to steal his moments for my own therapy.

Instead, I did my best to write about the events from my perspective.  I needed to write about my son and what happened from my perspective.  I also know that God is calling me to share our journey with others.  I can’t just write about the good times, because life is full of so many hard times.  I hope that our story somehow helps another person.  I wouldn’t write about it otherwise.

Later on, when I go back to these posts, I want to remember that I know not every moment I witness belongs to me.  Yes, I am sharing our stories, however, some moments are not meant for the world.


2 thoughts on “Who Owns the Moment?

  1. I hear what you’re saying. But at the same time, I think the way you wrote about it was tasteful and honest. You are not ashamed of his Aspergers and you don’t want him to be. That came through loud and clear in your post. I thought your post was healthy and positive.

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