Snippets and Highlights of Boston

We LOVE Boston!  We love everything we have seen there and once upon a time, we went almost every month.  Between the atmosphere, the history, the stories, and the MANY things to do, we can’t get enough.  Both kids were weeks old for their first trip to the city.  Needless to say, despite the numerous times we went there, last month, as we made our way back to Nebraska from Maine, our stop in Boston was like their first time.  (BOTH kids remember the HUGE children’s museum, but the rest of the city was new to them.)

The best lesson we learned about Boston is where to park our car (or where to pahk ah cah).  We always parked in a cheap parking garage near Malden and took the orange line into the city.  Although McCartney was nervous about whether or not we could get the Fenway tour, he had fun on the T too.  (We love that the kids ride free.  It is cheap family entertainment if your kids love trains.)

Riding the T

The BIG reason why we NEEDED to spend a few hours in Boston was to show our son Fenway.  He loves baseball, he LOVES the Red Sox.  He LOVES Boston.  He was so nervous the closer we got there.  I was expecting his first reaction, upon seeing Fenway, was his biggest smile.  I got my camera ready, and then pointed it out to him.  Instead, he surprised me with this face:

My kids never cease to surprise me!  What a moment to have captured forever!

We were hoping to take a Fenway tour, but we arrived too late and all of the tickets were sold out.  Poor, McCartney, he was devastated.  Scott and I felt so bad about his disappointment, we took him to the MAIN souvenir shop and bought him his first day of school T-shirt.  Now, if you know us, then you know HOW DISAPPOINTED our kid must have been in order for us to introduce him to retail therapy.  Of course, a month later, he still has the T-shirt, but I think he would rather have gone on the tour.

It was magical to walk around Fenway and see the sights around the park, although we didn’t get tickets for the tour or the game.  The energy was so fun, although the Red Sox are having a less than awesome year.

“Wouldn’t it be fun to go to the Red Sox game tonight?” our son innocently asked.

“Yes, but you can’t have every experience by 7.  Someday, we will go and you will LOVE it,” my husband replied.

While we love moments and believe in experiences, there is something about having something to look forward to.  Someday, McCartney will see a game there, and it will be magical!

My boys in front of Fenway.

I think Ana loved the nasty street hotdog we bought for the kids to share the best.  (The kids were so amazed at the idea of buying hotdogs from a vendor on the street, we finally gave in and let them share one. EW!)

Next, we went to Faneuil Hall so Scott could get his National Parks Passport stamped, and Ana found the perfect souvenir.  We also spent time walking around Quincy Market Place.  It was classic Boston, we enjoyed the history and people, as we drank Dunkin’ Donuts.

My favorite story from Boston happened as we made our way back to the T.  We passed an orange line and McCartney said, “We should take this train.  It will get us back to our car.”

Scott, not even thinking, replied, “No, we need to take a different train.”

Well, later on the T, Scott realized his mistake, and McCartney was right!  We still haven’t told him, but we need to learn to NEVER doubt McCartney’s human GPS.  He is ALWAYS right, even in a city he doesn’t know very well!  It still makes me smile.

As we walked to the T, Ana exclaimed, “Look, Mommy, we are crossing Congress Street!”  (Don’t forget that Ana is 5, a kindergartener, and the word Congress is not a part of her everyday vocabulary.)

“You are right! How did you know that word, Ana?”

“I read it!” Ana said in her proud, yet “Duh!” voice.

Once we made it back to the car, we took a final view of Boston, one of our favorite cities. I can’t wait to go back, and share even more history with the kids.  I LOVED teaching the American Revolution, and yes, I will be that lame mom who drags her kids around the city so they can enjoy the rich history the city has to offer.

Boston is a wonderful city and I highly recommend you spend time there if you ever get the chance.  It is one of the MANY New England experiences that I miss EVERY SINGLE DAY.

3 thoughts on “Snippets and Highlights of Boston

  1. Boston is a wonderful place to visit and I’m glad you had a great time showing it to your kids….a little side note that there are hot dogs to buy from a vendor even in downtown Fremont. =)

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