Still waiting for it to hit me…

I still can’t believe it.  I can’t believe I am back in the world of papers, assignments, and classes.  I ordered my first two books, and I am waiting for their arrival.  I have two pages of assignments to get done before my first class in September. I missed the group’s first class in August, but I had a REALLY good excuse: I didn’t even know this grad school program existed.  Now I know.  In less than three week’s time, I heard about the program, applied, asked for references, did research, wrote a paper, found financial aid, and now I am a college student AGAIN.  It would have been nice to know about this program a few months ago, we could have prepared for it, but I am starting to realize that God doesn’t work that way.  When things are right and supposed to happen, it happens really fast!

I am scared about being back in college.  I am scared that I am not smart enough, or I have changed too much.  I am scared because I don’t have my own classroom and that could make this program more difficult.  I am scared that I will not do well.  However, I know I will work hard.  I know I will finish and I know that someday getting a master’s degree will open doors for me.  It’s keeping us in Nebraska for two more years, and then after that we will see.  If I can’t get a job here at that time, we will have an excuse to find a place that will give me a job.

Anyway, although I am a tad overwhelmed and still in disbelief, I am excited to finally be able to do something about my future.  I might not be in control of when or where I work each day, but at least I know I am trying.  The best thing about trying is eventually you succeed.


4 thoughts on “Still waiting for it to hit me…

  1. It were easy, everyone would get their Masters degree,making it less of a challenge and an accomplishment. You will do amazing! Look at all the new things you will learn that will make you that much better at your next endeavor.

  2. How exciting! I think being scared when you start something new is normal. It’s like getting a promotion. You always question whether or not you’re good enough. But that just means that you are being challenged. If it was easy, there would be no need to take that scary step. You are doing this to learn something new. And you’re doing it as an adult, which gives you a huge advantage. I did decent in college, but I think I’d do so much better as an adult, now having real life experiences under my belt. Look at it that way. You’ll be great!

    • That is a great point! I loved college, but I worked too hard to please the graders. What I worry about now is what if I don’t please those grading me and I don’t care? That is scary to me. However, I know I will finish even if I cry a little in between! 🙂 Thanks for your support!

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