I am actually going to take my husband’s advice

Yesterday, as I was looking at the photos Scott has taken of me this summer, I noticed something that makes me feel embarrassed.  Let me put them all together and see if you notice what I saw:

June 2012

August 2012

August 2012

August 2012

September 2012

Did you see it?  At last three of them were taken on the SAME day, but still…  I am wearing the SAME shirt for each photo!  Apparently, whenever I wanted my picture taken this summer, I threw on this blue shirt.  No wonder I noticed that it was faded the other day.  No wonder it is not a beautiful as it once was.  No wonder, I no longer feel like I look good when I wear it.  This blue shirt has traveled more than 7,600 miles since June, when I bought it.  If I was a reality TV star, they would make me burn it because I wear it too much!

This morning, at the last-minute, I was called in to sub.  I threw on some pants, and spent AGES trying on shirts.  Ugh!  ALL of my professional clothes are TOO BIG!  Yes, it’s a wonderful problem to have, unless it’s 8am and you have to get to work as quickly as possible.  Luckily, I have a shirt I wear to church and another that I wear to weddings. They both fit better than the others, but I am constantly scared of them falling down too low.  Not something I should wear to substitute teach!

Where does this leave me?  Well, either tomorrow morning or tomorrow night, I am heading to our ONE three clothing stores in town, praying that I can find some new clothes.  After years of my husband encouraging me to expand my wardrobe, I am finally going to do it!  For the first time in YEARS I am excited to find some new clothes!  Yay!  Who knows, I might go nuts and actually get a nice haircut by the end of the month.  Stranger things have happened, like me willingly going shopping for MYSELF and I am committed to buying more than one shirt in multiple colors.  Wish me luck!


18 thoughts on “I am actually going to take my husband’s advice

  1. {Melinda} I do that, too. Buy something I like and wear it like a uniform — until I absolutely can’t stand the sight of it! You have a great hubby who encourages you to shop!! Take advantage of it before he changes his mind!

    Stopping by from SITS!

  2. My husband is always encouraging me to go shopping too. I don’t wear the same outfit for every outing, but my clothes are really old. (Secrets: I have a new rule – If it is ten years old I can get rid of it). When I buy something new I usually save it for a special occassion. Goes back to my youth when I had to save my new clothes for church. Have fun shopping.

  3. That’s so funny – I do the same thing. But doesn’t everyone have that one outfit or shirt that you just feel so good in and love that you end up over-wearing it? I sure do. I love that your husband is encouraging you to buy clothes. Can he call my husband please? 🙂 Hope you enjoy your shopping!

    • I KNOW! There’s JC Penney in our mall. Wait, there’s a Maurices and Gordman’s! I miss spoke! Oh, I can go really nuts now. Yes, I will NEED to go to Omaha soon, but I am banned from Target after last week’s shopping spree there. 🙂

  4. Love it! I’ve noticed the same about me — when doing scrapbook pages and looking at photos. And I also agree with the ‘clothes too big’ problem — it’s a great problem until you have to spend $$ to find something that fits better.

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