When will I learn?

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When, oh, when will I learn?  I joke about ALL of the time.  My family makes fun of me for it.  So when will I LEARN to NEVER donate my baking abilities???????  I always MEAN well, but I ALWAYS end up passing off a store-bought knock off as my baking!  SHHHHHHH, don’t tell!  I am not talking about cooking.  I can cook, I can make great healthy meals for my family.  I am talking about using things like flour, water, oil, eggs and other stuff together.  I mean I think it’s flour and such in the box, who knows?  I don’t eat it, so why should I know.  This summer, a friend of mine could not believe that we don’t keep baking supplies in the house.  Why would I?  I am terrible about baking.  Scott later informed me, that we do, in fact, keep baking supplies in the house.  “You know, it’s the stuff at the bottom of the freezer.”  Oh.  I bake with the kids so they can have the experience, but my skills end there. Period.

Okay, I will stop lamenting and actually tell you the story.  The kids and I volunteered at a free community meal.  Last week, when we were done, the kids BEGGED me to sign us up for it again, and I did.  And then I noticed the MANY empty lines of them needing baked goods, so I did what any well-meaning stay-at-home-ish mom would do, I signed us up, to bake brownies or cookies.  The kids were thrilled, although I told them real giving means you get nothing in return, so they weren’t getting any brownies.  After a few minutes of thinking, they became excited again.  (They are GREAT kids, but they are still kids!)

I innocently picked up a box on brownie mix at the store, and today, the kids and I set out to bake the brownies.  We carefully measured everything, took turns pouring things in, and mixed it up with our mixer.  Together, we poured the batter in the pan, and put it in the oven.  I set the timer, according to the directions, and prepared dinner.  Well, in that 30 minutes, our kitchen became chaotic, to say the least.  The phone rang, I was focusing on the recipe, Scott needed a ride home, and the kids somehow splattered batter all over the kitchen that I cleaned this morning BEFORE work.  So when the timer went off, I might have forgotten to make sure they were done.  I TRUSTED the box to know baking times, and actually didn’t have time to care if they were done.  Scott needed a ride home, so the oven was getting shut off.

An hour later, once life settled down, the kids and I were getting ready to wrap each brownie.  But wait, brownies aren’t supposed to be gooey an hour AFTER they come out of the oven.  Bummer!  So I did what any mom, grasping at straws would do:  I popped them back in the oven and continued to clean the kitchen.  When they were done, I took them out, and let them cool.  Later, still, as I was scooping out the brownies, each one literally fell apart in my hands. 😦  They would make fabulous brownie sunday toppings or  a perfect addition to a trifle.  Instead, though, since we don’t eat it, they have been salvaged enough for Scott to take to his mail-people co-workers tomorrow morning.

Now, sitting on our counter, ready to be individually wrapped are the faux homemade cookies that I bought at the store tonight.  When will I learn?  I bake with the kids for FUN, but I need to STOP donating my baking skills.  I end up buying them at the store EVERY TIME, no exceptions.


5 thoughts on “When will I learn?

  1. I enjoy baking, and can sometimes manage to make something that turns out GREAT, but mostly things like this happen to me, and I would do the exact same thing and go find something at the store. Hey, at least you tried, and still have something to give.

  2. 🙂 Brownies are tough, and I even have the as-seen-on-TV Perfect Brownie pan! If you try them again, remember the box time is just a guide, and let them cool completely before trying to cut them. That’s what I’ve learned anyway. I’ve had many a batch that I’ve kept at home and thought they’d be perfect ice cream topping — which never happens, because they don’t last long enough for me to get to the store to buy ice cream.

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