My Naive and Generous Boy

Oh, my son, is so sweet and generous, but he still has a lot to learn about what things mean.  He might be able to make grown men cry in a baseball debate, but he is still 7 and sometimes it really comes out.  “Be ready to smile, because this story is wicked cute,” says his mom. 🙂

Our Starbuck’s collects money for a local safe house.  Whenever we go there, which is more than I care to acknowledge, (it’s in our grocery store), I give the kids change to put in the jar.  Last time, they finally asked what it was, and I told them it was a special house that helps kids in need.

Last night, when we were at the mall in Omaha, Scott took McCartney to Starbucks to buy his first pumpkin spice latte of the season.  After Scott paid for his coffee, this exchange happened.  (I wasn’t there, but I imagine this is how it went down, due to the numerous times my son told me the story.)

“Daddy, I want to give my change to ‘Tips.'”

“Oh, Buddy, save your money.  It’s not necessary,” Scott said.

“No, I want to!  It’s good to give your money to others,” McCartney insisted as he put his change in the jar.  “Was that a good deed?  I wonder what Tips does?  Do you think they will take my money and help the poor?  Maybe it will feed some kids who don’t have food!”  He might have a great awareness of money, he is still 7 years old, and has a lot to learn about the world.

The rest of the night, my son was SUPER proud of himself for his generosity.  Upon meeting Ana and me back at the store, he ran up to us, “I gave my own money to Tips!  I hope I help others!”  He beamed the REST of the night for finding his own good deed and doing it without encouragement.

While we don’t lie to our son, we also know when it’s time to keep certain pieces of truth to ourselves.  A year ago, he didn’t want to do any good deeds and he NEVER would have given his own money away freely.  Although he didn’t actually help the poor, like he was hoping, I am so proud of him for learning the sacrificial giving lessons we are desperately trying to teach him.


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