Putting the Plastic Plates Away

A week or so ago, I noticed that my kids still used plastic plates at dinnertime.  “Hmmm, why do we still use those?  They are both in school.”  As I was reaching up to the top shelf, I suddenly froze, tears entered my lids, and I realized, “I HAVE TWO SCHOOL AGED KIDS!”  My thoughts were racing, my mind was screaming, and I couldn’t believe it.

Yes, the past two years have passed about as fast as a group of snails on their way to bed, but the past 7 years have collectively FLOWN by.  I remembered holding my son for the first time, and thinking, “Our baby is so beautiful, it is our job to populate the Earth.”  On the other hand, where was Ana when I held McCartney?  I can’t even fathom our family without her.  She fits, and belongs, was there a time when she wasn’t with the three of us????

Our lives have moved from diapers, formula, and tantrums, to backpacks, homework, and discussions.  Our milk is disappearing by the gallons, and funny, I don’t have to pour it for them any more.  They get their glass, pour the milk, and put their dish by the sink, without me even knowing they had any.

Every six months, we buy new shoes two sizes larger than the time before.  Their socks are starting to look slightly smaller than mine, instead of tiny.

Ana’s dresses keep getting shorter and shorter, although we keep buying bigger and bigger sizes.  My son measures up to my chest, and he reminds me at least 4 times a week, my time as the second tallest member of our family will soon pass.

Homework, PG movies, sports, community service projects, and PTA meetings are our new reality.

No longer will a band-aid fix the boo-boos and my son questions my facts as truth.  “Show me the book that says that,” he says, instead of, “I believe you.”

The past 7 years are going by like lightning, and if I wait another 7 years to have a moment like this, I will have a teen and a tween.  Oh, my goodness, that thought feels unbearable today.

People told us, that time would pass quickly, and many times, while they cried or we struggled, that felt like a lie. But in that moment, as I reached up high, to place our plastic plates on the shelf, I believed it with my heart and soul.  Each day is a gift, a blessing, a stage to be enjoyed, because they grow too fast, and before you know it, you don’t need the plastic plates any more.


6 thoughts on “Putting the Plastic Plates Away

  1. Yes, everyone always tells you time will fly.
    But I don’t think you ever really believe it until you have your own little ones. And then suddenly, they are walking, and then they are in school, and then…. I can’t even bear to think —

  2. such a fab post…I even got chocked up and almost cried, geez! 🙂 enjoy your non plastic plates and your beautiful babies, cause no matter how big they grow, they will always be your babies!

  3. Where does the time go? I still can’t watch the home videos of when my kids were babies. Save the plastic plates for picnics. 🙂

  4. It’s funny you say that. A few months ago, I decided to retire the crappy plastic plates in favor of our everyday dishes for the kids. They are old enough now to know not to throw them on the floor (I would hope). As for them getting older, don’t even get me started or I may cry. I have a 9 1/2 year old and an 8 year old (next Monday). Every new stage is bitter sweet for me. I love to see them grow and mature, but I feel sad each time I see their innocence fading. Sniff, sniff.

    • I wonder why it takes so long for us to get rid of the ugly plastic stuff? My kids have been clearing and setting the table for over two years! Silly. I guess deep down, while I want them grow up, I don’t.

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