Last night, on Facebook, Steph from I’m Still Learning, posted about on her Facebook page.  I did take a few minutes to visit the site, and I would like to share with you about what I found.  Once again, this post is written from my head, and I blog for fun, not for cash, so all opinions and ideas are my own.

Atomic Reach is a blogging community, I think they service other areas, but I only checked out the “Blogging” tab.  My first impression is it’s a great way to submit your blog to the World Wide Web and hopefully get some more like-minded bloggers reading your stories.  It seems fairly new and under-utilized so if you are like me, and feel lost in places like BlogHer or SITS, this might be the place for you.  The bigger communities, I hear can be great, I don’t have the time for the hours of engagement that they require.  I do belong to those sites, but I feel like a needle in the haystack there.  Plus, no one on those sites really care to visit my blog, and I understand that can happen once a blogger gets a big name.

Once you sign up for Atomic Reach, you can join tribes, which are topic communities.  I asked to “Contribute” to Parent Club Bloggerhood and Blogging While Mom.  (To ask to join the tribe, I clicked on Contribute and then entered  That is all I had to do.  The managers get to decide if my blog fits in with their topics.  So far, I have been accepted as a contributor to Blogging While Mom.)

It’s not a secret that I LOVE reading about life.  I love moments, and I love to connect with others.  My dream is to spend a summer with a renowned person and write their biography someday, and I know that will happen.  So, it makes sense that in the blogging world, I connect with bloggers who write about their lives, like I do.  I follow TOO many blogs, and I often find myself following to win a contest – which is a BAD habit that I am trying to break.  However, I only actually read blogs that are personal or that tell stories, or who share and inspire my photography.  I have no interest in product reviews, or how tos, bloggers who hope to get ‘pinned,’ or sponsored blogs.  There’s not enough time in the day to read everything, and I read for connection.

“Why are you telling me this?” I am sure you are wondering.  Well, I made a tribe on so I can connect with other Life Bloggers.  I don’t know if anyone will find it, but I would love to connect with other people who blog about their lives.  If you are a life blogger, and want to try a way to connect with others, and possibly get more traffic to your writing, why not sign up for atomic reach and join my Life Bloggers tribe?

I’m not getting paid to endorse this site, or will I get any kick-backs from my tribe.  I truly would love to connect with other people who are telling their own autobiographies like me.  Heck, I don’t even know if one person will visit my site because I am on Atomic Reach.  However, it is a risk free and so far, small blogging community, so it is worth a try.

PS Sorry for a dry post, I just wanted to share.  I will resume to my original style next time, maybe even later today or possibly tomorrow.)

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  1. This is fantastic! I just learned about AR, also! I love the idea of a small, supportive “tribe!”
    Thank you for sharing your perspective- blogging to connect is the key, right?
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  2. Awesome! So glad you joined. I am still trying to figure it all out myself, as are the “blogging while mom” tribe members. I sent you a message on your personal Facebook page from my personal Facebook page. Did you get it? Anyway, thanks for writing this post!

  3. Hi Courtney,

    Thank you so much for supporting Atomic Reach and for creating your own Tribe. It’s the heart of our platform to connect like-minded bloggers together – just like you said! With the internet so big and overwhelming, it’s hard for people to find each other sometimes, in particular ones who share the same passions and ideas. With our Tribes, we hope to create communities where bloggers can share and support each other’s blogs while forming connections. We are here to help bloggers, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns at info(at)! If you’d like, you can check out our quick-start guide to launching your Tribe: The Launchpad (

    Chat soon!
    Atomic Reach

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