Mug Swap

Oh WOW!  It is one of those weeks where I have not done any blogging, photographing or reading the things I want. Welcome to being back at work and adding on grad school.  I am loving my grad work, and it feels good to be back in the classroom teaching, however, I pray I find balance to keep me sane and loving life.

Anyway, I joined up with Dalayna Dillon’s mug swap on her blog, Pointing Up.

It was really fun to stalk Nicole from Treasure Tromp, and send her a mug too.  I loved looking through Nicole’s photos, and reading over her blogs. I can tell she loves cute things, travel, and photography like I do.  The hardest part of the swap was realizing that neither my town, nor the closest city have great places to buy mugs.  I mean, I could have bought Nicole a mug with a BIG RED N on it, but I didn’t get a sense from her blog that she loves Husker football.  After days of searching every store I came across, I finally copped out and ordered it from Amazon.  I felt bad, but I would rather it be wrapped in a box than a mug she wouldn’t like.  So anyway, click here if you want to see what I sent.  I think it’s super cute!

It’s amazing how much you can find out about a person online through social media.  It has also made me wonder if I should scale it back a bit.  Why do we all put so much out there?  I have been wondering this for months, and so I am thinking it’s time to take action.

Anyway, about a week ago, I received a pretty package from Dawn at LeRoy Lime. It was so sweet, literally and figuratively.  She sent me a mug with a cute flower, so I can grow my knowledge in grad school, along with a wonderful bookmark, and Smarties!  It was also wrapped in a matching cloth.  I was so excited and touched by the beautiful package and appalled at myself for sending a bland box from Amazon.

Thank you, Dawn for the wonderful mug, and Thank you to Dalayna for hosting this fun swap.  If I ever do one of these again, I will scout out a good place to buy a mug first, if one even exists.


3 thoughts on “Mug Swap

  1. oh soooo glad you liked it!! I was worried it got broken or (you didn’t like it, gasp!!) something…I kept stalking your blog for your post! 🙂 Glad to see it arrived in one piece and hope those smarties are helping!!!

  2. Love the owl mug! I want one! The one that was sent to you wasn’t too shabby, either. What a beautiful photograph, though. You really are a wonder with the camera!

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