Oh, the Tangled Web we Weave….

I am at a loss for words. I know, right, so not like me at all.  Well, here’s the quick version of the story from today.

Ana and I were reading in my bedroom, when we heard,

“Oh, man, I lost a tooth!  I lost a tooth!  I LOST A TOOTH!”

Of course we dashed out of the room to find my son holding a pretzel in one hand.

“Well, where is it?”

“I swallowed it, AGAIN.” (Because this is not the first time his barely loose tooth randomly fell out while he was eating.)

Of course, his 5th loose tooth falling out became the topic of conversation ALL NIGHT, luckily it was 4 when it happened, so we could listen to him talk about it OVER AND OVER for HOURS and HOURS.  Which is why I STUPIDLY, suggested that he write her a note.

WHY? WHY? WHY????????????????????  Why did I do that?  I know him, I know he won’t write a quick note, but it will be full of questions, and he will want answers.

Well, when my son is going ON AND ON about a topic, my tired brain eventually goes into survival mode, and I often suggest he WRITE what he wants to say, which will normally promote him moving on to a new topic.  Well, that has backfired tonight because he wrote a note, and asked questions that NO ONE knows how to answer.

As he was plotting his note, I started thinking, “Tooth Fairy, what a STUPID idea.  Why do we even have it?  Who made it  up and why do we keep up the charade.  I totally get Santa Clause, that has backing, and promotes giving, but I totally don’t understand the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny.  What good do they really serve?”  I did Google the Tooth Fairy and I found a lot.  If you want to know what Wikipedia said, click here. [And if you are going to get pious on me and tell me that my kids should not believe in Santa Claus and company, I respectfully ask you to NOT bother.  We all have our reasons, you have yours and I have mine.]

Anyway, my son’s note, that he thought about for a LONG time says:

He also put together a snack, and left her instructions on where to put the money.  I watched the whole thing, in disbelief, thinking, “I am so glad that he left all of those questions for the Tooth Fairy to answer, because I am going to bed…”

2 thoughts on “Oh, the Tangled Web we Weave….

  1. Lol! I love your last comment! I hear you on the magic of it all, and Chris is better with this than I am. I feel like I am lying to them, so I try now to get involved. My sister used to say she heard Santa on the roof on Christmas Eve. I, being the honest one, always reported that I heard nothing. I was so disappointed. When I found out that everyone was lying I was mad. 🙂 I do think it is cute and fun for the kids though and I like to see my hubs play the roll of all the magical characters. 🙂

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