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When I started my blog months ago, I had no idea I would love it so much. I find writing to be another creative outlet that goes nicely with photography. I seem to be addicted to both.

I have been playing around with my blog and find the WordPress.com site to be restricting. I finally took the plunge and moved my blog to a self hosted platform. By moving my blog, I have lost all of my subscribers. You all technically follow oursmallmoments.wordpress.com. I would love it if you would please pop on over to Our Small Moments and subscribe by email. If you rely on Facebook to keep updated, I would still love it if you went to oursmallmoments.com and subscribed by email too. Facebook does not make my posts visible to many. I am not going to make you, but I am asking in my sweetest voice. 🙂

Any time you read my thoughts, story, or random family moment, my heart feels warm. Thank you so much for your support.




Shame on you!

So, only days and days after the really funny moms started a mom shaming campaign, I finally was inspired to join. (Click here for the other shaming posters). Basically, a bunch of blogging moms from our atomic reach tribe, Blogging While Mom, are admitting our sins and shaming ourselves for the whole world to see.  I am sure it was inspired by this dad’s story and the public out cry because of it.  I see it as funny, and I understand that others don’t, but whatever.

Anyway, this week, after thinking really hard, I started feeling like, “Whoa, my mom sins aren’t that bad.”  Or “I don’t lie to my kids, yay me!”  I was just about to give myself a nonexistent You are an Awesome Mom award when this happened:

After school, I emptied the kids’ backpacks full of worksheets and projects from school this week. After oo-ing and ah-ing over each little star, (they were watching a movie, but I am sure they could feel my pride in them,) I did what I always do with their school papers: Buried them deep into the recycling bin.  I continued on with my day.

Later, Ana, seeing that her backpack was opened, said, “Mom, what did you do with all my papers from school.”

(Knowing that she wanted to keep each one, and they would then end up all over her room, creating another fire hazard, until they were ripped to shreds, and then I would have to ask her a million times to pick up her room, where she would cry and whine about hard it is, until all fun activities were threatened, and her room would finally get somewhat clean, and those precious papers of today would end up in the recycling bin in a few short days…) I said, “Hmmmmm, I laid them somewhere.  Where have you looked?”  We then looked around for a total of 2 minutes when something shiny caught her eye and said papers were forgotten.

See, I don’t lie to my kids, but that doesn’t mean I am completely honest either!

What are your sins as a mom?  Come on share them, we ALL have MANY!

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Mug Swap

Oh WOW!  It is one of those weeks where I have not done any blogging, photographing or reading the things I want. Welcome to being back at work and adding on grad school.  I am loving my grad work, and it feels good to be back in the classroom teaching, however, I pray I find balance to keep me sane and loving life.

Anyway, I joined up with Dalayna Dillon’s mug swap on her blog, Pointing Up.

It was really fun to stalk Nicole from Treasure Tromp, and send her a mug too.  I loved looking through Nicole’s photos, and reading over her blogs. I can tell she loves cute things, travel, and photography like I do.  The hardest part of the swap was realizing that neither my town, nor the closest city have great places to buy mugs.  I mean, I could have bought Nicole a mug with a BIG RED N on it, but I didn’t get a sense from her blog that she loves Husker football.  After days of searching every store I came across, I finally copped out and ordered it from Amazon.  I felt bad, but I would rather it be wrapped in a box than a mug she wouldn’t like.  So anyway, click here if you want to see what I sent.  I think it’s super cute!

It’s amazing how much you can find out about a person online through social media.  It has also made me wonder if I should scale it back a bit.  Why do we all put so much out there?  I have been wondering this for months, and so I am thinking it’s time to take action.

Anyway, about a week ago, I received a pretty package from Dawn at LeRoy Lime. It was so sweet, literally and figuratively.  She sent me a mug with a cute flower, so I can grow my knowledge in grad school, along with a wonderful bookmark, and Smarties!  It was also wrapped in a matching cloth.  I was so excited and touched by the beautiful package and appalled at myself for sending a bland box from Amazon.

Thank you, Dawn for the wonderful mug, and Thank you to Dalayna for hosting this fun swap.  If I ever do one of these again, I will scout out a good place to buy a mug first, if one even exists.