We don’t need Pinterest, We need Memories

I use Pinterest, but I don’t love it. I think it’s a great place for recipes, and ideas, but honestly, I bet I don’t ever make any of those homemade presents I pin. And if I did, they would be so horrible, I couldn’t actually give them away without saying that Ana made them. Half the time, I avoid it because face it, you all pin flour laden, sugar filled desserts, which I can’t eat ever again. Anyway, enough about my opinion about Pinterest, I know so many people love it, and I am not bashing something I use. Secretly I am jealous of those of you who live in the Pinterest reality. 

The other day, Ana made a tissue ghost out of a sucker at a fall festival. Saturday, Ana sighed, “Maybe someday I can make another ghost.”

Suddenly, I was transported to Halloween decoration-making memories from my youth. I remember sitting at our kitchen table, stuffing tissues to make ghost heads, lovingly making scary faces on each decoration. My mom showed me how to make them, and she says, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body.” Before Pinterest, despite her non-creative mind, my mom taught me how to make ghosts.

“Ana, we don’t need suckers to make ghosts, all we need are tissues and string. We have those. Do you want to make some?”

“Uh huh.” We spent time making the ghosts together, just the two of us. It was so fun, we decided to make more crafts another day. I was tempted to go on Pinterest for ideas, but instead I went back to my memories. I remembered making witches in school, jack o’lanterns, and bats. I am sure there are a million better, more elaborate ideas on Pinterest, but why do those when the fun is I the creating, not the copying?

Today, we continued our craft time, my daughter had NO interest in my craft ideas. She spent the past few days coming up with her own ideas. I am so glad that I didn’t waste time pinning, and buying supplies for a craft my daughter didn’t actually want to do. She wanted art time with me, and I don’t need Pinterest to give her that. Our ideas might not “pinnable” special, but they are ours, and that is what makes them special to me.


Dear Summer Vacation,

Dear Summer Vacation,

Well, it’s that time to say good-bye to another summer vacation.  I will admit, when you began at 11:30am on May 17, 2012, I was apprehensive.  I was worried about the LONG days ahead with my two spunky kids.  I never know what to expect when my son loses his schedule or my daughter has to give up her social life.  Despite the heat, my kids’ bickering, and evil twin syndrome, I think it went quite well.

First of all, I want to thank you, Summer Vacation, for time.  Time to be together, time to read, time to play, and time to be ourselves.  There is nothing like the lazy days of summer and we definitely had many of those!

We had fun spending most of our afternoons at Splash Station.  McCartney loved the water slides and Ana made it across the ropes course for the first time without falling.  I enjoyed the freedom of playing with the kids, or being about to sit in my chair and watch from afar. 

Spending time with friends was another fabulous highlight.  It was great to have extra time with the Metchke’s a few play dates.  Critter Camp was another highlight to our month.  Finally, the weekly book club that managed to keep me sane this summer.  For all of those fun activities, I thank you.

Despite the losing season, McCartney enjoyed his baseball career and the chance to be on an all boys competitive team.  We all learned the importance of sportsmanship on and off the field too.  Maybe next year will be the year for a championship, or not.  Who cares?  He had fun!

Oh, the trips that you allowed us to take this year were the biggest gift of all!  The kids loved their week-long nothing but fun with our Lincoln family, and Scott and I enjoyed the freedom of the open road.

The Maine vacation was the best!  While it was great to get away with just Scott, there is nothing better than the 4 of us discovering new things together.  It was also great to reconnect with our Maine life that we miss EVERY SINGLE day.  It couldn’t have been better!

Connections with friends old and new, were the biggest blessing of all.  Thank you for all of the fun times.  I hope the memories will keep us warm when the weather turns cold and lonely.

While the summer has been grand, I am sooooo ready to say good-bye to you!  You failed to teach my kids how to sleep in each morning, but due to your long sunlight, they struggled with bedtime.  We have been together nonstop, and while it is a blessing, it is also time to do our own things.  I can’t wait to miss my kids, and hear all about their adventures upon dismissal.  While constant togetherness is awesome, so is individuality, and it’s time.

Thank you for another wonderful summer vacation.

Enjoy your nice long nap.